Dixon understands that every drummer reaches a point when it all comes together and refined skills give way to optimum results. We refer to this achievement as ARTISAN. Our flagship series delivers the very best our craftsmen have to offer along with choices to personalize your instrument. ARTISAN delivers the creative control necessary to capture your signature look and sound.

  • A wide variety of lacquer finishes to choose from
  • A-Frame lugs and brackets
  • Fully adjustable single ball & L-Rod tom adaptors
  • Low mass V-Mount suspension
  • Die-cast rims
  • Evans batter and resonant heads
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Artisan Maple

– 7-Ply North American Maple
– Shell Thickness: 6.2mm TT and FT / 7.4mm SD and BD
– Bearing Edge: 45 degrees
Dixon knows quality maple drums are the benchmark of great drum brands. So in order to earn the Artisan badge, our 100% Maple series couldn’t be anything less than a superior instrument. The result is our 7-ply North American Maple shell which exceeds the industry standard and delivers that familiar warmth and control of classic maple drums to stages and studios across the globe.

Artisan Limited

– Exotic hardwood options and limited production runs
– Bearing Edge: 45 degrees
Dixon Artisan LIMITED was established to encourage innovation and the advancement of the art of shell making. Artisan LIMITED challenges our craftsmen on a daily basis through special orders and the special purchase of limited hardwoods to combine design, resources and craftsmanship to produce some of the finest drum outfits the drum world has seen and heard.

Artisan Ultra Maple

– Ultra thin North American Maple
– Shell Thickness: 4mm all drums without reinforcement ring / 8.8mm bass drum when ordered with mounted tom holder including a 4.8mm reinforcement ring
– Bearing Edge: 45 degrees
– Toms, floor toms and snare drums equipped with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.
– Clear paint on all inner shells

Inspired by world class drummer Gregg Bissonette’s passion for maple drums and his quest for a big live sound, Ultra Maple combines the legendary warmth of maple with the projection of thin shell construction. In Gregg’s own words, the Artisan Ultra Maple sound is “full, beefy, cutting, stylistically versatile and most of all – AWESOME!”

Satin Titanium

See Through Black

See Through Red Burst

Premium Lacquer

Mystic River

Mystic Crimson

Mystic Jade

Blue Burst Sparkle

Division Ocean Blue

Division Piano Black

Division Retro Yellow

Division Snow White

Matrix Copper

Matrix Green

Matrix Gold

Matrix Red

Matrix Silver

Purple Sparkle

Red Copper Burst Sparkle

Star Dust Black

Star Dust Blue

Star Dust Gray

Star Dust Red


Brown Stripe

Brown V Stripe

Antique Amber Burst

Candy Apple Red

Brown Burst

Cool Grey

Dark Walnut

Emerald Fade

Mystic Blue

Midnight Black Burst


Natural to Black Burst

Piano Black

Pearl White

Satin Blonde

Satin Natural to Black Burst

Vintage White

Wine Red Burst