Jet Set Plus

Dixon Jet Set Plus is the ultimate all-in-one traveler drum kit. Sitting or standing; gig or quiet practice, this latest Dixon innovation adapts to all styles, stages and applications. Simply reconfigure Jet Set Plus to play as a conventional or cocktail set-up and then choose from the plastic batter side of each drum to play at full volume or the mesh resonant side for little to no sound. Quality construction, unique colors and extreme versatility will surly make Jet Set Plus your new go-to drum kit.

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•9-ply Mahogany shells

•Fully adjustable mounted triple tom holder

•Mesh drumhead on resonance side

•Silencing pads for cymbals and snare

•Optional rolling and carrying bags

Standard drum kit setup

Standing-Up cocktail kit setup

Silence practice setup

Optional rolling (drums and cymbals) and carrying (hardware) bags

Bass Drum   12 X 16”
Tom Tom    6 X 8”
Tom Tom    6 X 10”
Snare Drum   4.5 X 12”
Bass Drum   12 X 16”
Tom Tom   6 X 8″
Tom Tom   6 X 10″
Floor Tom   10 X12”
Snare Drum   4.5 X 12”

Blue/White (BW)

Blue/Yellow (BY)

Deep Blue Sparkle (DBS)

Orange Sparkle (OS)